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Emergency Medical Service Metal Shield

Emergency Medical Service Metal Shield
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Stop: This product requires proof of occupation at time of purchase. See below for more information.

Cena: $20.75
Nasza cena: $5.00
Oszczędzasz: $15.75 (76%)
Code: B1007

Emergency medical service metal shield badge. Choose nickel or brass color. Proof Of Occupation Policy

You must work in the Law Enforcement/Security field to purchase certain items from

How to show proof of occupation.

1. Fax your law enforcement ID card to 1-800-836-7291 or scan it and E-mail it to
2. Include a phone number to the department you work for so we can call for verification of occupation.
3. Once we verify your occupation, we will process your order.
4. If you place an order and do not show proof of occupation, your order will not be processed and it will be up to the customer to resolve the matter. Dutyman Inc. will take no action until contacted by the customer. Customers must contact Dutyman Inc. for any refunds.
5. If you have any questions regarding this matter, please contact us at 1-512-357-2968.  Or you can send a E-mail to is not responsible for any false information given to us to verify proof of occupation!

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